Wednesday, August 4, 2010

too much fun in the sun

Behold thunder thigh!!!! *faints*

lol~~ sometimes i amuse myself by wondering why i have the nerve to post fat ugly picture that should never be shown to the world XD

Warning: super disgusting picture ahead, continue at your own risk

neways~ if you been following me on twitter or fb you'll know last month i've been trying to be a wanna be ang moh by going tanning =___="

actually it start by me and beryl going to island and got sunburned and kinda like it cuz it make us? feel rather sexy *dies*

so then on i've been going to bev's for swimming session and also and bit of tanning session

which resulted to this...

picture credit to bev!

and it got worse when i went back to miri.....orz

so lesson learned, next time i'll just hide from the sun

like this....but i highly doubt it XD

i really like swimming at bev's!!


till then *hearts*

P.s someone should buy me mcD for posting 3 picture XD


  1. Astaga dizzy chan, sunburn kao kao. Itu bukan tanning, that's like frying urself liao.

  2. lol~~ maybe i should try tanning lotion?? XD

  3. LOL!!! ur last picture macam terrorist! xD Btw I cant wait for u to come back! I've been swimming a lot lately thanks to u!

  4. WTF SO SCARY :( who ask you to be so fair. cant reflect the sun rays XD;

  5. bev~!! i might go back end of this month for your b'day!!! <3

    pricilla darling~~~ lol~~ i'll never challenge the sun again...i learned my lesson