Sunday, August 15, 2010

assignment block

Bev's turtle plush

There's a writer block so there's assignment block :)

oklah, actually the "block" is that the site that i'm suppose to retrieve my assignment from is down FML....and i was hardworking for once.....

stupid site, stupid assignment....worst part is it's due this wednesday!!!! and i haven't even read the question.....not even a single alphabet and did i mention the said assignment is from my business law???

god bless me..... LAW!!! so many sections to apply, law, statutory stuff blah blah blah...i'm squeezing my brain juice just thinking of what should i write....cuz it's a media article report or something like that.....i think

till then, i think i'll eat dinner, nap, wake up around 2am i think and try to see if i can access the site again =)

later~ *hearts*

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