Thursday, August 12, 2010

Escapade Sushi

Was suppose to blog bout this last week XD

When to Brunei for sushi last week =D

I didn't take much picture plus the lighting there sux so please bare with me

We ordered a sushi and sashimi platter???? BD$50 = Rm 120??? not too sure XD

4-5 pieces of different sushi and sashimi

Don't know why but the sushi there is HUGE~!!!! Is sushi in japan huge?? or it's a brunei thing?? because i never ate sushi that huge before......

I mean look at the size of the eel~~!!!! *heart* sorry blur pic i blame the lighting again

This is the only side order i manage to take.....there's actually a piece of eel on top but it fell off the sushi *cries* but i did pick it up and eat!! no wasting of eel when i'm around~

it's actually one of restaurant special, the thing in the middle is deep fried ikura....there's actually another special called sushi sandwich or something heard is was super cheesy...didn't order that...will order it next time ;D

I'm not much of a raw fish eater, so i didn't bother touching the sashimi but my sis force me to eat it!!! TT___TT so i nom a piece of salmon which is very geli and also this!!

maguro sashimi

TUNA!!! no wonder people like it, it's so meaty that i don't even feel the geli-ness while eating this...oklah i admit i only had snapper? and salmon sashimi before so i thought all raw fish is like that...fishy and geli but OMG~~ next time if i go out eat sushi i'll sure order this sooooo nice *insert 2pm - heartbeat* can you feel my heart beat?? *laugh die*

We're all so full in the end that it's not even funny......we end up eating the topping/stuffing.......XD

omg look at the avocados ~~~

LOl~ till next post *hearts*