Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th, just shoot me please

I'm not joking with the just shoot me part....*serious face*

i don't believe in stuff like friday the 13th, don't walk under the ladder and stuff like that....BUT today is just not my day *cries of despair*

so i woke up in the morning and wake my sister up just like the good sister i am, and she start complaining and ask if she can don't go, being the older one i start saying no, you been skipping class alot, mommy didn't pay your school fees for you to sleep at home and waste electric she start to get piss off and shout at screw it she don't want to go not my fault....i did not sign up to work as her maid

so i when to class, took note...lucky the class is enjoyable?? my lecturer was an indian man XD so i have to used 3x the concentration to understand what's he taking about

so after class i rush back but i can't open the door!!! so i took another route then this bunch of guys behind me open the door and go through it!!! so i'm like OAO?! wtf?

deciding to go stock up some food in my house i went to the super market and when i was about to pay i notice i forgot to bring my purse, lucky the girl say it's ok, so being embarrass i apologize and leave while in my head i decided not to go there for at least 2 weeks

after that i still want to stock my house so i ask a friend to company me to town and also to the post office, been wanting to get my mail for a few days so i got home and open my parcel and notice i got the wrong order, being shocked i quickly open my laptop cuz i wanna send a mail to the seller but! i can't online.....*cries*

so after that i decided screw everything and took a now i just woke up with internet and happy....i'm glad it's over :)


  1. poor darling!! cheer up ya~ *sayang*

  2. Whoa!!! Poor thing!!!! *hugs* DONT WORRY!! U COME BACK GOT SOMEONE ( ME ME ME ME ME xD ) waiting for u! xD Ohoho! LOVE U DARLING!!!! <3

  3. omg !!!! D: nevermind it's all over dy right! :D

  4. definitely glad that it's all over =)