Friday, August 27, 2010

the food i make when i'm lazy

My current favourite instant noodle =D been addicted to this since last semester, and imagine my horror when i could find it in the supermarket where i usually buy it, and my surprise when i found it at my campus convenient store, cheaper too heheheee =D

I usually eat half packet (cuz the whole packet is too much) with alot of chinese cabbage *hearts*

another thing i usually make is this *taadaa*

tomyam sup with fish ball and might be thinking "wahhh you call this simple food?" well don't be too shock but i practically made it with tomyam cube, fish ball and meehoon.....well the above picture have no meehoon cuz i don't feel like it but just imagine there is it's partically like cooking maggi lol~

I usually eat like this in miri.....cuz i think 1 - i can save money, 2 - it's easy to prepare and 3 - it's fulfilling so it's ok =)

till next post *hearts*


  1. The fish ball soup macam sedap. I want fish balls!

  2. lol~ very easy bah, just boil water put in fishball and cube, boil till fishball is cook =D