Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution 2012 post

As we all know 2012 is the so call "end of the world" year....maybe domo is going to rule over the turtle??? =___=" lame i know


It's the time of the year that once again resolutions are created to be forgotten......BUT I'm still going to make one anyway XD

Resolution for 2012!!!

1 - Be a better student

2 - Start exercising
I need to make it a habit....i gained 7kg since jan 2011 FML T___T

3 - Be nice and learn to appreciate everything and everyone
except bugs....and other gross stuff, well the thing is I take things for granted *admit guilty*

4 - More money!!
I've been working various pt jobs this year but it's not enough....need more pt jobs!!!

5 - Eat Healthy
I eat ALOT...which explains the weight gain, I'm also a fast food junkie and did i say i love to eat before i go to bed?!!

6 - Cannot think of any atm.....will continue when i think of any and if nothing then nothing lo

I think that's all for now??

Last but not least wish everyone


I'm really happy if you're reading this.....*tears of joy* cuz I seriously think no one reads my blog *forever alone*

till 2012,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

nail art for the lazy girl

I usually use fake's no secret that i'm obsess with it but sometimes the fact that i need to reshape it to my nail size just make me too lazy to bother

But the festive season is here and naked nails just won't do, so i decided to go with nail stickers!!!

So behold my super noob and retarded nail "art"...i hardly think sticking stickers to my nail is considered as art FML

all i did was paint this glitterish pink on my nails and stick the stickers on, then cut off the excess and top it with 2 layers of top coat hahahahhaaa....not bad right?? i mean i usually have crazy long nails during these time of the year =X

till then XO

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

when the days are sunny

sometimes i enjoy laying on my bed with my feet out the window XD i wonder what goes thought my neighbor head when they see my legs out the window lolol

till then xo

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hanging on to the remaining strands of sanity

Currently it seems like i'm in a tunnel and i just can't reach the end of it......