Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution 2012 post

As we all know 2012 is the so call "end of the world" year....maybe domo is going to rule over the turtle??? =___=" lame i know


It's the time of the year that once again resolutions are created to be forgotten......BUT I'm still going to make one anyway XD

Resolution for 2012!!!

1 - Be a better student

2 - Start exercising
I need to make it a habit....i gained 7kg since jan 2011 FML T___T

3 - Be nice and learn to appreciate everything and everyone
except bugs....and other gross stuff, well the thing is I take things for granted *admit guilty*

4 - More money!!
I've been working various pt jobs this year but it's not enough....need more pt jobs!!!

5 - Eat Healthy
I eat ALOT...which explains the weight gain, I'm also a fast food junkie and did i say i love to eat before i go to bed?!!

6 - Cannot think of any atm.....will continue when i think of any and if nothing then nothing lo

I think that's all for now??

Last but not least wish everyone


I'm really happy if you're reading this.....*tears of joy* cuz I seriously think no one reads my blog *forever alone*

till 2012,


  1. LOL!!! *hugs* u nvr alone darling! <3 <3 <3 btw Happy New Year and I LOVE U!! xD

  2. Hell Esther~ Still remember me? :) We did went for a short lunch at Sushi Tei with Beverly and my sis before. :)

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  3. of cuz i remember bah~!! how can i not?? XD Happy New year o~!!