Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Passed in a blink on an eye

Just like that the 1st week of 2012 have passed and tomorrow it's back to school for all primary and high school-ers FTL

So what happen last week??

30th Dec 2011

Kenny is back in town XD so went for a drink at the was suppose to be a drink!! but it end up like this....

Beers and Vodka shots!

31st Dec 2011 - New Year Eve

I did this year countdown at Dino's place...we played spoons (an brutal drinking game), did LOTS of IQ quizzes...really different that how i usually did my countdowns...but it was enjoyable

But of cuz I head to Times Square after the countdown XD

Did dodgy business with the bouncer and got the tickets for only Rm20
(Pic stole from Thanis)

Saw this 2 lovely ladies - Joanna and Sakuya
(Pic stole from Thanis)

1st Jan 2012

When to Lava XD 2 shoots of Sambuca and of cuz Uncle John. W was there too to make the night merry

Happy People

Kenny photoboomed my picture T___T

Then we sang K at amp on the 2nd, and Yesterday we chilled at the loft again.....and with chinese new year just 20 days away.....we "warm up" a bit, but i decide to pass this time

CNY poker cards XD

That's it i think?? So how was your 1st week of 2012??

Till then

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