Monday, August 2, 2010

student rage 01

1st day of school and what did i get? my car got clamped, fark them! just because i park at the lecturer's parking

seriously, i meant we (student) PAID them for the class, tuition, facilities, admin fees, blah blah blah and the list goes on~~

i don't think lecturer need parkings space, students are the one who need it! they already have a spot for them(lecturer)

so why is it that we as student who park in the lecturer's parking and got clamp but not LECTURER WHO PARK AT STUDENT'S PARKING SPOT?!! this is not fair, even worst is that we pay them!! we are the consumer, no student = no campus, you with me????

why must lecturer who got paid! get all the benefits?? special treatment?? isn't this discriminating???

what is worst is that we need to pay rm50 to unlock our car!!! and yet the campus want us to pay more....for what??? buy new clothes?? i mean they practically earn almost 1k a day *not joking* by unlocking cars!!!!

FARK CURTIN!! i just rekindle my hate towards curtin.....


  1. OMG!!!!! WTF LA THE SCHOOL!!!! I agree bah...The lecturer's already got their own spot but still park at student's parking but didnt get clamped... =.='''

  2. i know right?!!!! they should clamp lecturer too!!!!