Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For once i wish you can see what i see

You don't know me, don't pretend you do......

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't know why but lately I'm feeling under the's like there is something wrong

my make up don't feel right, I clothes make me look weird, and i think i look fat

Hopefully everything can become better soon.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

if i could write you a song to make you fall in love

sorry no pic again, as you might know, i've been working for the pass 3 days as a Guinness promoter XD

It was a ok experience hahahhaa, get to know a few boss and and might have secured a few future promoter job ohohoho, money money come come kaching ching *hearts*

neways exam coming in 2 weeks time!! *scream of horror*

and i'm haunted by the song mike *something* - cooler then me...posted it in my fb wall, do check it out

till then xo

Friday, October 22, 2010

You are the clock ticking in my heart

randomly edit pass picture XD

been drinking these few days, no wonder i got sick T__T

i really should stop

till then X

Monday, October 18, 2010

Go rock my brain

just finished my last presentation for this semester

having all my fingers and toes cross....

Next up - FINAL EXAM!!!

*insert song of horror* - kang kang kang~~

till i mess up my brain up with lots of crappy goodness


Friday, October 15, 2010

Barretso - We Won't Stop (Defeat Remix)

A little beat to kick start the weekend

Don't stop partying and living it out!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 things

it's 10-10-10 today so i think it's perfect to do a 10 thing list XD

10 things about me that you should know

10. I like watermelon lollipop
09. Don't like amusement park rides like roller coaster and such =X
08. Enjoy lazing round doing nothing
07. Hate bugs...
06. Can't live without eyeliner, mascara and fake lashes
05. Like teddy bears
04. Love to eat so I really don't know how am i suppose to lose weight!
03. Not satisfy with my weight and the way I look
02. I often wonder how will my future gonna be
01. I am easy and yet hard to please (i'm just that complicated)

that's all i think?? XD actually there's much more but heheee next time la ;D

till then

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random - sue me for being me

Tell the truth i'm becoming sick of all the lousy phone picture......

on the other hand, lately alot been going on, till i think it's time for some rest, relax and rewind....everyone have different view p.o.v no??

exams coming soon.....must study *dies*

till then

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confession 04

Random picture from the past


I have enough money to buy my camera dy but i just tak sampai hati to spend it, but i spend it on foof instead...fml

Monday, October 4, 2010

I love it and then i don't

my leg look thin here XP but that's just angle effect

my body and i have a bittersweet relationship, i'm too lazy to exercise and it want to be skinny =___=

till then

p.s this monday have to be one of the shittiest monday ever

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Every second counts

Been wanting to do the red lipstick look for ages, but i'm too chicken to walk out of my room =___="

maybe 1 day i'll walk out with red lippy and all the confidence i have XD

till then

P.s be warned i might post a bunch of these low quality ss pictures with red lip cuz i do have a bunch of them in my phone bwahahahahaaa

Saturday, October 2, 2010

no more goodbyes and sympathies from me

bye bye September, hello October

things i need to do
1, lose 5kg this month <- do or die matter
2, join the gym <- lan c, lan c la, at least got the cycle thing =D
3, study!!! exam coming

that's all, too much is not good


my september is both good and bad, hopefully all the bad luck will be gone and all the good stuff will be even better =)

till then, no laptop refuse to accept my bluetooth =___=" stupid pms piece of machine =__=


Monday, September 27, 2010

confession 03

can someone tell me why blogspot keep rotating my picture??

this was the last ss pic i uploaded into my lap from my camera.....*tears*


I'm a true reality runner at heart, i don't like to be presented with a problem nor do i like to face it, running to me is the best choice

i know it's unrealistic but i'm still here right?

i'm not strong but i try my best so i won't regret

and life goes on

and i do regret sometimes but it's the past so all i can do is smile and walk forward =)

P.s this is not an emo post...maybe on the camera part only

till then, lots of love

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sometimes it's better to let go

Meet Kopi-O (my sister name him that =___=")

after 1 year? with us we (family) decided to give him away, not that he's a naughty dog, just that we think he's not really loved in our family *guilty* well daddy sayang him alot, even mommy since she put him as her wallpaper on her hp XD

but compare to the other 2 he definitely did not get enough love from the family =/

Kopi-O is a good dog, he's obedient and very timid, and he need alot of love and care and attention, and the guy who adopt him is my daddy friend, hope you'll be more happy there with them Kopi-O =)

I'll go visit you if i can

till next post X.O

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please look at yourself before talking about others

sorry no picture, but i really have to get this out.....

This post might be offensive to some ppl with religious have been WARNED

ever since i came to Miri there is thing one thing that i really can't stand, people going around house to house trying to tell you about God. I think these christian in miri are abit too much....

I'm a Christian myself, so please don't say i'm evil, unfaithful or whatever you can think of

the thing is, these people going house to house telling ppl about God is one thing, but personally i think it's an invasion of privacy....last year these 2 ladies try to come to my house to read bible with me....the thing is I think they are abit cookcoo in the head....cuz ever verse they read they say something like "oh Jesus" "oh Lord" "wonderful Jesus" or something along the way, I'm a quiet reader so i don't like ppl reading things out, maybe bible reading is ok but do you need to keep saying a word of praise for ever sentence?? so after 3 weeks i think i had it, I got assignments and things to do, but these ladies don't give up, until they come to my house, when i say i'm not home or free, and knock at my door, which i think might broke and call my names loudy to the point i think the street i'm staying then knows my name.....they call my phone too and they did this for 4-5 times??? scare the hell out of me.....

then in my 1st year in Miri my aunt send my number to the pastor of some church, friends know i don't really go to church. I'm faithful in my own way, plus as long as you have faith and believe in God i think it's ok to not go to church as i sometimes think church is like some place ppl like to show off, either it's their wealth or their child's education....political much?? anyways, as i was saying, so this pastor call me and ask if i wanna go, being nice i say ok and attend once....then he start pestering me ever week asking me to go church with all sorts of bible verse. until i think he got fed up or something he send me a text which i find offensive which is a verse from the bible saying that God ask me to go to church, and i disobey him and will not be accepted in to his hand and glory or something like that la, i don't really remember but i think it's not really nice, plus God say come to me with your own will, so yeah....whatever.....I still have my faith with me

Then the worst is today, i was boiling water so they came and being nice, since they obviously saw me as my window and curtain is open (we like to my sunlight in the house) so i answer the door but refuse to let them in, then they start asking how do i judge what is right and wrong, then they start giving me example like "robin hood steal from the rich and gave it to the poor, to the poor he's doing the right thing, and to the rich he's doing a bad thing" then after that he gave me another example which i feel like snapping at him but i bite my tongue which is "terrorist/suicide bomber (he actually said the religion) kills innocent cuz they think it's right" personally i think it's wrong to say stuff like give my a bitter taste in my tongue.....and make me kinda pissed off....

It's not right to tell people what to believe in by saying bad things about other religion and believe......

I'm a very open person, i have friends with all sorts of race, religions and believe, and i respect them, so I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE TALK BAD ABOUT OTHERS' BELIEVE AND FAITH, learn to respect!!! rawrrrr

hopefully no one is offence...i did warn you right??

till then love and peace people =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

feeling indifferent

Finally i'm 22 XD

can't say i'm really happy that i'm older but to tell the truth it's lonely to not celebrate with goodness i sound so sad orz but then again it feels like just like anyday in miri, boring, class, sleep and get fat T___T

i seriously need to get my butt out there and start making friends.....i need a miri version of beryl...someone i can do random stuff with and also hit the dance floor whenever we felt like it...*dig hole and hide*

Ok enough of my little emotional rant, on the bright side i got lots of love calls, sms and msn, wishing me happy birthday, there's also my wall on fb XD

love all the wishes~!! made me feel very very loved till then

P.s anyone notice the date today?? 08-09-10 maybe it's a good sign that my friends will increase??? XD


Monday, September 6, 2010

I don't think I'll be me if it's not for you

Had a heart to heart chat with one of my closest gf =D

She told me

We known each other from form 1 but we weren't close until we're in form 4. This girl is one of a kind, can't imagine doing all those silly things with other people but her and will always have a spot in my heart


Sunday, September 5, 2010

It went by just like that

calories in a cup

My one week of holiday ended so fast that it felt like it never happen

there are regrets, not spending enough time with my friends, didn't played with the puppies as much as i wanted

but i'm glad that i did went back, i get to meet my friends, meet unexpected people =D, ate alot of food, partied, and of cuz be with my family

Now it's back to the harsh reality

till then xo

Friday, August 27, 2010

the food i make when i'm lazy

My current favourite instant noodle =D been addicted to this since last semester, and imagine my horror when i could find it in the supermarket where i usually buy it, and my surprise when i found it at my campus convenient store, cheaper too heheheee =D

I usually eat half packet (cuz the whole packet is too much) with alot of chinese cabbage *hearts*

another thing i usually make is this *taadaa*

tomyam sup with fish ball and might be thinking "wahhh you call this simple food?" well don't be too shock but i practically made it with tomyam cube, fish ball and meehoon.....well the above picture have no meehoon cuz i don't feel like it but just imagine there is it's partically like cooking maggi lol~

I usually eat like this in miri.....cuz i think 1 - i can save money, 2 - it's easy to prepare and 3 - it's fulfilling so it's ok =)

till next post *hearts*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I skip class because i can

It's really a lazy week for me, I've skipped all my class *dies*

Sorry for the lack of post lately....I'm just too lazy to upload picture =___=" Don't know why but i got this nasty habit of not uploading picture until i'm threated to upload it lol fml

Sigh, i actually feel bad for not going to class but i just don't feeling like going and i blame it on my holiday mood XP and also my freedom of being away from my parent watchful eye ohohoho~

can't wait to go back home, to my comfy bed and mommy's home cook food not to mention i get to see the puppies before they are given away *sniff sniff*

ok till then
hugs and kisses

Sunday, August 15, 2010

assignment block

Bev's turtle plush

There's a writer block so there's assignment block :)

oklah, actually the "block" is that the site that i'm suppose to retrieve my assignment from is down FML....and i was hardworking for once.....

stupid site, stupid assignment....worst part is it's due this wednesday!!!! and i haven't even read the question.....not even a single alphabet and did i mention the said assignment is from my business law???

god bless me..... LAW!!! so many sections to apply, law, statutory stuff blah blah blah...i'm squeezing my brain juice just thinking of what should i write....cuz it's a media article report or something like that.....i think

till then, i think i'll eat dinner, nap, wake up around 2am i think and try to see if i can access the site again =)

later~ *hearts*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th, just shoot me please

I'm not joking with the just shoot me part....*serious face*

i don't believe in stuff like friday the 13th, don't walk under the ladder and stuff like that....BUT today is just not my day *cries of despair*

so i woke up in the morning and wake my sister up just like the good sister i am, and she start complaining and ask if she can don't go, being the older one i start saying no, you been skipping class alot, mommy didn't pay your school fees for you to sleep at home and waste electric she start to get piss off and shout at screw it she don't want to go not my fault....i did not sign up to work as her maid

so i when to class, took note...lucky the class is enjoyable?? my lecturer was an indian man XD so i have to used 3x the concentration to understand what's he taking about

so after class i rush back but i can't open the door!!! so i took another route then this bunch of guys behind me open the door and go through it!!! so i'm like OAO?! wtf?

deciding to go stock up some food in my house i went to the super market and when i was about to pay i notice i forgot to bring my purse, lucky the girl say it's ok, so being embarrass i apologize and leave while in my head i decided not to go there for at least 2 weeks

after that i still want to stock my house so i ask a friend to company me to town and also to the post office, been wanting to get my mail for a few days so i got home and open my parcel and notice i got the wrong order, being shocked i quickly open my laptop cuz i wanna send a mail to the seller but! i can't online.....*cries*

so after that i decided screw everything and took a now i just woke up with internet and happy....i'm glad it's over :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Escapade Sushi

Was suppose to blog bout this last week XD

When to Brunei for sushi last week =D

I didn't take much picture plus the lighting there sux so please bare with me

We ordered a sushi and sashimi platter???? BD$50 = Rm 120??? not too sure XD

4-5 pieces of different sushi and sashimi

Don't know why but the sushi there is HUGE~!!!! Is sushi in japan huge?? or it's a brunei thing?? because i never ate sushi that huge before......

I mean look at the size of the eel~~!!!! *heart* sorry blur pic i blame the lighting again

This is the only side order i manage to take.....there's actually a piece of eel on top but it fell off the sushi *cries* but i did pick it up and eat!! no wasting of eel when i'm around~

it's actually one of restaurant special, the thing in the middle is deep fried ikura....there's actually another special called sushi sandwich or something heard is was super cheesy...didn't order that...will order it next time ;D

I'm not much of a raw fish eater, so i didn't bother touching the sashimi but my sis force me to eat it!!! TT___TT so i nom a piece of salmon which is very geli and also this!!

maguro sashimi

TUNA!!! no wonder people like it, it's so meaty that i don't even feel the geli-ness while eating this...oklah i admit i only had snapper? and salmon sashimi before so i thought all raw fish is like that...fishy and geli but OMG~~ next time if i go out eat sushi i'll sure order this sooooo nice *insert 2pm - heartbeat* can you feel my heart beat?? *laugh die*

We're all so full in the end that it's not even funny......we end up eating the topping/stuffing.......XD

omg look at the avocados ~~~

LOl~ till next post *hearts*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random post: Ghost girl

I'm i stick my falsies under my eye....

please ignore my silly attempt to edit picture XD

neways, ending my random post with the song which i use as my title =)

till next post *hearts*

P.s i change my layout like finally =D tell me what you think?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

too much fun in the sun

Behold thunder thigh!!!! *faints*

lol~~ sometimes i amuse myself by wondering why i have the nerve to post fat ugly picture that should never be shown to the world XD

Warning: super disgusting picture ahead, continue at your own risk

neways~ if you been following me on twitter or fb you'll know last month i've been trying to be a wanna be ang moh by going tanning =___="

actually it start by me and beryl going to island and got sunburned and kinda like it cuz it make us? feel rather sexy *dies*

so then on i've been going to bev's for swimming session and also and bit of tanning session

which resulted to this...

picture credit to bev!

and it got worse when i went back to miri.....orz

so lesson learned, next time i'll just hide from the sun

like this....but i highly doubt it XD

i really like swimming at bev's!!


till then *hearts*

P.s someone should buy me mcD for posting 3 picture XD

Monday, August 2, 2010

student rage 01

1st day of school and what did i get? my car got clamped, fark them! just because i park at the lecturer's parking

seriously, i meant we (student) PAID them for the class, tuition, facilities, admin fees, blah blah blah and the list goes on~~

i don't think lecturer need parkings space, students are the one who need it! they already have a spot for them(lecturer)

so why is it that we as student who park in the lecturer's parking and got clamp but not LECTURER WHO PARK AT STUDENT'S PARKING SPOT?!! this is not fair, even worst is that we pay them!! we are the consumer, no student = no campus, you with me????

why must lecturer who got paid! get all the benefits?? special treatment?? isn't this discriminating???

what is worst is that we need to pay rm50 to unlock our car!!! and yet the campus want us to pay more....for what??? buy new clothes?? i mean they practically earn almost 1k a day *not joking* by unlocking cars!!!!

FARK CURTIN!! i just rekindle my hate towards curtin.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i wish to have perfect teeth

This holiday break, I have been visiting the dentist back and forth

total of teeth "repaired?" - 9

seriously who fix 9 teeth within a month???

on the side note, i change dentist again.....orz

Aunty came to visit at the wrong time....

seriously, can't you come like....2 days later?? i wanna go swimming~ *whines*

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy sunday

sorry, no pics yet...too lazy to bother =__="

woke up pass 11 today, ate breakie then watched the Kardashian till 5 plus =___="

and my dog gave birth to 4 puppies!! =)

hehehee that's all for my mini update tata *hearts*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts 01

I'm currently thinking if I should go for blood donation.....cuz Bev said by doing so can also clean my blood leading to better skin.....

But as much as i feel like doing it, I'm a total chicken when it comes to needles and pain =___=

sigh~ well it doesn't hurt to think about it right???

Saturday, July 3, 2010

wisdom tooth

There's a joke saying that when your wisdom tooth is growing, it means you're getting wiser.....

well...that's what my parent say to me.... unfortunately I HATE WISDOM TOOTH GROWING PERIOD.....

Cuz it only bring unwanted suffering =___=

This is my 2nd wisdom tooth the 1st once was horrible, i got a very bad infection leading to high fever and half of my face got swollen D=

It the same now, only that my fever is not that bad and my face is not so swollen?? XD

P.s i extracted my 1st wisdom tooth....wonder if my dentist gonna extract this one too O___O??

till then

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Confession 02

I buy stuff that i can't wear.....with thoughts such as I'll loss weight to wear it

Or I think it's nice when i try it on in the shop but decided it's not that nice once i brought it home....

I might need to go for some anyone???

will add pic soon =)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Confession 01

It's not that i don't have enough clothes, it's just that I want more......

Decided to filter all my clothes, sell and donate..mostly donate cuz most of them are old...very old *dies*

Trying to clean everything by next week =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brand new start

I've decided to delete everything, reason is i wanna start again

so don't be too shock =)