Monday, September 27, 2010

confession 03

can someone tell me why blogspot keep rotating my picture??

this was the last ss pic i uploaded into my lap from my camera.....*tears*


I'm a true reality runner at heart, i don't like to be presented with a problem nor do i like to face it, running to me is the best choice

i know it's unrealistic but i'm still here right?

i'm not strong but i try my best so i won't regret

and life goes on

and i do regret sometimes but it's the past so all i can do is smile and walk forward =)

P.s this is not an emo post...maybe on the camera part only

till then, lots of love

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sometimes it's better to let go

Meet Kopi-O (my sister name him that =___=")

after 1 year? with us we (family) decided to give him away, not that he's a naughty dog, just that we think he's not really loved in our family *guilty* well daddy sayang him alot, even mommy since she put him as her wallpaper on her hp XD

but compare to the other 2 he definitely did not get enough love from the family =/

Kopi-O is a good dog, he's obedient and very timid, and he need alot of love and care and attention, and the guy who adopt him is my daddy friend, hope you'll be more happy there with them Kopi-O =)

I'll go visit you if i can

till next post X.O

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please look at yourself before talking about others

sorry no picture, but i really have to get this out.....

This post might be offensive to some ppl with religious have been WARNED

ever since i came to Miri there is thing one thing that i really can't stand, people going around house to house trying to tell you about God. I think these christian in miri are abit too much....

I'm a Christian myself, so please don't say i'm evil, unfaithful or whatever you can think of

the thing is, these people going house to house telling ppl about God is one thing, but personally i think it's an invasion of privacy....last year these 2 ladies try to come to my house to read bible with me....the thing is I think they are abit cookcoo in the head....cuz ever verse they read they say something like "oh Jesus" "oh Lord" "wonderful Jesus" or something along the way, I'm a quiet reader so i don't like ppl reading things out, maybe bible reading is ok but do you need to keep saying a word of praise for ever sentence?? so after 3 weeks i think i had it, I got assignments and things to do, but these ladies don't give up, until they come to my house, when i say i'm not home or free, and knock at my door, which i think might broke and call my names loudy to the point i think the street i'm staying then knows my name.....they call my phone too and they did this for 4-5 times??? scare the hell out of me.....

then in my 1st year in Miri my aunt send my number to the pastor of some church, friends know i don't really go to church. I'm faithful in my own way, plus as long as you have faith and believe in God i think it's ok to not go to church as i sometimes think church is like some place ppl like to show off, either it's their wealth or their child's education....political much?? anyways, as i was saying, so this pastor call me and ask if i wanna go, being nice i say ok and attend once....then he start pestering me ever week asking me to go church with all sorts of bible verse. until i think he got fed up or something he send me a text which i find offensive which is a verse from the bible saying that God ask me to go to church, and i disobey him and will not be accepted in to his hand and glory or something like that la, i don't really remember but i think it's not really nice, plus God say come to me with your own will, so yeah....whatever.....I still have my faith with me

Then the worst is today, i was boiling water so they came and being nice, since they obviously saw me as my window and curtain is open (we like to my sunlight in the house) so i answer the door but refuse to let them in, then they start asking how do i judge what is right and wrong, then they start giving me example like "robin hood steal from the rich and gave it to the poor, to the poor he's doing the right thing, and to the rich he's doing a bad thing" then after that he gave me another example which i feel like snapping at him but i bite my tongue which is "terrorist/suicide bomber (he actually said the religion) kills innocent cuz they think it's right" personally i think it's wrong to say stuff like give my a bitter taste in my tongue.....and make me kinda pissed off....

It's not right to tell people what to believe in by saying bad things about other religion and believe......

I'm a very open person, i have friends with all sorts of race, religions and believe, and i respect them, so I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE TALK BAD ABOUT OTHERS' BELIEVE AND FAITH, learn to respect!!! rawrrrr

hopefully no one is offence...i did warn you right??

till then love and peace people =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

feeling indifferent

Finally i'm 22 XD

can't say i'm really happy that i'm older but to tell the truth it's lonely to not celebrate with goodness i sound so sad orz but then again it feels like just like anyday in miri, boring, class, sleep and get fat T___T

i seriously need to get my butt out there and start making friends.....i need a miri version of beryl...someone i can do random stuff with and also hit the dance floor whenever we felt like it...*dig hole and hide*

Ok enough of my little emotional rant, on the bright side i got lots of love calls, sms and msn, wishing me happy birthday, there's also my wall on fb XD

love all the wishes~!! made me feel very very loved till then

P.s anyone notice the date today?? 08-09-10 maybe it's a good sign that my friends will increase??? XD


Monday, September 6, 2010

I don't think I'll be me if it's not for you

Had a heart to heart chat with one of my closest gf =D

She told me

We known each other from form 1 but we weren't close until we're in form 4. This girl is one of a kind, can't imagine doing all those silly things with other people but her and will always have a spot in my heart


Sunday, September 5, 2010

It went by just like that

calories in a cup

My one week of holiday ended so fast that it felt like it never happen

there are regrets, not spending enough time with my friends, didn't played with the puppies as much as i wanted

but i'm glad that i did went back, i get to meet my friends, meet unexpected people =D, ate alot of food, partied, and of cuz be with my family

Now it's back to the harsh reality

till then xo