Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

still no picture T__T waiting for friend so i can steal bwahahaaa

neways i've been away for along time but i just can't not doing a post for new year kekee

2010 have it's up and down, i do not regret of the things i did and done but i learn and change for the better or bad depends on how people view me

new year resolution?? well i think i manage to complete some like losing weight and become more independent

i also become more social-able which is good =)

so what's in for me for 2011?? i wonder but i do know what i want from it

  • i want to loss more weight...still haven't sampai target
  • earn more money
  • be a better daughter and friend

but then again come what may

Happy New Year everyone =)

till i get a camera XO