Monday, September 27, 2010

confession 03

can someone tell me why blogspot keep rotating my picture??

this was the last ss pic i uploaded into my lap from my camera.....*tears*


I'm a true reality runner at heart, i don't like to be presented with a problem nor do i like to face it, running to me is the best choice

i know it's unrealistic but i'm still here right?

i'm not strong but i try my best so i won't regret

and life goes on

and i do regret sometimes but it's the past so all i can do is smile and walk forward =)

P.s this is not an emo post...maybe on the camera part only

till then, lots of love


  1. dizzy chan, blogspot photo upload change liao then it gets on my nerves that it didn't go where I position it. But I know how to move it around liao XD

  2. how how how??? tell me!! *shakes massy*

  3. I never have that problem before