Wednesday, September 8, 2010

feeling indifferent

Finally i'm 22 XD

can't say i'm really happy that i'm older but to tell the truth it's lonely to not celebrate with goodness i sound so sad orz but then again it feels like just like anyday in miri, boring, class, sleep and get fat T___T

i seriously need to get my butt out there and start making friends.....i need a miri version of beryl...someone i can do random stuff with and also hit the dance floor whenever we felt like it...*dig hole and hide*

Ok enough of my little emotional rant, on the bright side i got lots of love calls, sms and msn, wishing me happy birthday, there's also my wall on fb XD

love all the wishes~!! made me feel very very loved till then

P.s anyone notice the date today?? 08-09-10 maybe it's a good sign that my friends will increase??? XD



  1. Happy birthday again darling!! U have one present waiting for u in KK! xD

  2. massy , of cuz my b;day mah, means i'll be cooler *__*

    bev~!! presents~!! you know i love presents! <3