Thursday, September 16, 2010

sometimes it's better to let go

Meet Kopi-O (my sister name him that =___=")

after 1 year? with us we (family) decided to give him away, not that he's a naughty dog, just that we think he's not really loved in our family *guilty* well daddy sayang him alot, even mommy since she put him as her wallpaper on her hp XD

but compare to the other 2 he definitely did not get enough love from the family =/

Kopi-O is a good dog, he's obedient and very timid, and he need alot of love and care and attention, and the guy who adopt him is my daddy friend, hope you'll be more happy there with them Kopi-O =)

I'll go visit you if i can

till next post X.O

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