Saturday, October 2, 2010

no more goodbyes and sympathies from me

bye bye September, hello October

things i need to do
1, lose 5kg this month <- do or die matter
2, join the gym <- lan c, lan c la, at least got the cycle thing =D
3, study!!! exam coming

that's all, too much is not good


my september is both good and bad, hopefully all the bad luck will be gone and all the good stuff will be even better =)

till then, no laptop refuse to accept my bluetooth =___=" stupid pms piece of machine =__=



  1. *sweat.

    Dizzy chan, kurus dy. Anyways, did you do your h/w liao, blackout till wat time last nite? I slept at 9:30pm. Woke up at 4:50am orz. Tido mati.

  2. did a bit only orz

    yesterday black out till 11 plus!!! i was like wtf o...feel asleep after texting with you then woke up round 11 then didn't sleep >__<

  3. LOL!! U thin already bah darling!! No lies!! I also wanna lose weight!!! T.T