Monday, October 17, 2011

Dash of blue

Hello to you whom read this blog =)

so anyways, went back KK for my braces again and this time i decided to be a little adventures and opt for blue bands instead of my normal invisible ones, was really nervous at 1st but after checking the mirror i think it turn out nice =D

So what do you think?? the first thing i did after getting it done is show my dad who accompany me to the dentist that day kekeke....he was like O____O "are you for real???" then we meet my mom for lunch and she think its pretty *proud* maybe i should try multiple colour on my next visit >=D

few days later i ask my sis to help me with my nails...the initial plan was blue....then it turn out like this *points picture* and i love it! it's a bit messy since i didn't wait for it to dry properly when i went to the shower FML

Neways i didn't notice until once my nails was finish that both my nails and braces is in this adorable shade of sky blue =3 but i'm removing my nail polish soon since it's chip and ugly now =(

on the other hand...FINALS in 10 days!!!!! *pulls hair*

till then XO

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