Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheer camp 2011, 2nd sem

Cheer camp this sem was held in tanjung beach and me being me refuse sunblocks since i do not like the oily feeling while sweating and also sand on my face, plus it's very mafan to reapply therefore i announce it useless

Tanjung beach at 3pm

We arrive there round 7am and when back around 5pm......freaking whole day under the sun without sunblock....i'm really regretting it now should at least apply when it was hot like 11am to 3pm Zzzz.....

Neways the camp was fun, didn't get throw into the sea as my awesome silently walk away skill is awesome that way =D However sunburn is not fun plus it's peeling now and I had my student facilitation 2 days after which means I was facilitating with a burned face FML

Tired and burned

Ended the day with a group picture =)

And if you're wondering why i didn't post any activities that is because i only took out my camera in the end of the day since i do not want to carry my bags and camera around during training

till then XO

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