Saturday, June 18, 2011

Motonari Ono

Motonari Ono is a fashion designer that I've recently know of.....He's such an inspiration that I put his name as my post title =D

I found out about him on Kawaii TV when they are talking about how designer use manga as a source of inspiration and Motonari Ono capture my interest the most

The way he use the details on a character outfit and translate it into his creation is just...dare I say breath taking?? well to me it is simply genius!....I guess it's the tiny fact that I'm still very much in love with frills, lace and ruffles =____=

Oh well I'm not really good with words so here are some of his work...if you're interested you can just google more of his works :D

Picture are extracted from various online sources

Ok people till then

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