Friday, April 29, 2011

Just for show

I love this outfit like fave top that I always wear...but now it look very worn since I'm lazy and throw it into the washing machine T____T *go drown self in washing mashing*

BUT the main point is the red legging and that boot!!!! seriously i like that boot but I don't think I'll wear it's just not very "shopping/lepak/yumcha friendly" sigh~ I brought it when I'm at my wanna be punk time.....orz well...I still like it just that I've grown up =)

and the red legging...I LOVE COLOUR LEGGING!!!!! just that it's weird wearing it around.....I know I'm a chicken *cluck cluck kokokokok*


Ok I admit this is just some random post to show that I'm still around!!!

lap lap

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