Monday, March 21, 2011

Missed opportunity

Fifi Lapin - credit from google XD

I adore fashion, sometimes I do admit I regret I didn't pushed my parents to let me study fashion because they were considering it then but with the school fees they just can't afford =(

I do wonder how would I be if i really did study fashion, it's like my ultimate dream since forever, now I'm a student struggling through my degree for finance and management, way off from my dream but it's still ok I guess??

It's better then not able to enter uni right??

On the side note the rabbit in the picture is Fifi Lapin!!! Love it since I learned about her heheee....she's been on my desktop for 3 years dy, of cuz changing outfit every now and then kekekee..

Ok enough ramblings and back to study.....yes I'm studying at 4 in the morning since I can't sleep

it's the end of the world!!! XD

till then XO

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